End of Season for the Terriers

The VEX 2011 Season has come to a close for the Terrier Robotics team. The team was amazing this year and set a high bar for competition. Team #99 (RHS Varsity) set a new school record bringing home four tournament champions trophies, after only going to five competitions for the season. The team also had an amazing Record at the Huntington Beach Competition scoring 113 pts in Driver Skills. A big shout out to the members of Team 99, which includes Sven Blaser, Kyle Rosendale, Erik Blaser, and Tad Kasulka. These guys were absolutely amazing this season with team chemistry, and getting the job done to the highest level possible, which contributed big to the teams success. The JV team 99B struggled this season, but the Freshman team #99C stayed with the Varsity team always competing and challenging the other teams well. They brought home Runner-up multiple times, and also qualified for the world championships. Unfortunately neither the Varsity team #99, or team #99C with a combined six qualifications for world, will be able to go due to the high cost of the trip. The Terrier Robotics team is now one of the best in southern California, and look to keep that going in future seasons. The team will now also be working on side projects for school districts, and other vehicles that will be controlled using robotics systems. The team is also currently looking for sponsors for next season, so the program can continue to grow and hopefully be able to pay for the world championship trip next year. We would like to thank BAKERS, as well as the Redlands Optimist Club for huge donations during the season. We look forward to next season and the challenges that it will bring.

New Website

Terrier Robotics now has a website, due to high press demand. This website will make it easier for you to follow the team as well as contact us. Please feel free to check it out, at Terrier Robotics also now has a team E-mail for team 99. The E-mail is robodogzteam99@gmail.com We greatly appreciate you following us and we will keep the blog running and updated but if you want more information like pictures, and to see our Press releases please visit the website. Also if you are interested in sponsoring the team the easiest way to contact us is to send us an e-mail or visit the contact page on the new website where you can fill out a contact form and send us a message directly from the site.
We also have a twitter account, where you can follow us as well. http://twitter.com/Robo_Dawg
If you visit the new website and like it remember to press the facebook like button in the top left.

Thank You - Terrier Robotics Team 99

Amazing Season for Team 99

Terrier Robotics is showing their ability and power this season, that has been taken to a new level. Thadeous Kasulka, Kyle Rosendale, Erik Blaser, and Sven Blaser are the members on Team 99, and have worked since august to build and program an amazing robot.
This season has been great for Team 99. They have been unbelievable in competition and are currently sitting with a 37-2 win-loss record. This season the Terrier Robotics Varsity team 99, has taken home three Tournament Champion trophies, the Energy award, Cooperate award; and the Freshman team 99C has taken home two Judges awards, one innovate award, and one tournament finalist award. This last saturday the varsity team also took home the Driver Skills Challenge award with a record setting 103 points. They also had the high score for the day with a score of 89 points, in the quarter finals round. This season team 99 has qualified four times for the VEX World Championships in Orlando, FL. The World Championships will be held April 14-16 and Terrier Robotics is looking to have a strong showing there as well. The team has also been getting increased press including, Front page article for the Redlands Daily Facts newspaper. ABC 7 News has also covered the team, including video of the robot, and interviews which will air tonight at 6:00PM. The school has also been enthusiastic about the teams success and want to see them go all the way. However to be able to attend the VEX World Championships to compete from 400 teams, from all around the world the team needs to raise $5,000. The $5,000 includes transportation (airfare, and rental car), hotel, food, and the registration fee for the team. We therefore need sponsors to help fund this trip, to make it possible. We would like to thank last years sponsors, who helped us out last year to get to the VEX 2010 World Championships in Dallas, Texas. We would also like to thank Bakers who has been a strong sponsor this year. If you would like to sponsor us please contact us.

Contact Info:
Brian Bartlett
Redlands High School
840 E Citrus Ave
Redlands, CA 92374
(909)-307-5500 x30906

Team 99 - Tournament Champion's

On Saturday, January 16, 2011, Redlands High School Robotics competed again at Sultana High School for the High Desert VEX Round Up Championship. All three of our teams once again were amazing, finishing all three, in the top three alliances at the end of the day. All of our teams have had to overcome multiple problems throughout the year so far, but we finally fixed them all and performed at the top. Team 99 went undefeated through qualifiers and had over 70 SP points going into the tournament placing us in first. Team 99 was the captain for the first seated alliance partnering with team 1680C from St. Luke School, and 1879D from Sultana High School. Team 99C was the captain for the third seed alliance and partnered with 99B and 1680A from St. Luke School. Team 99 continued excellence throughout the rest of the competition and placed first, scoring over 145 points in the finals match of two games. Team 99 and its alliance members therefore earned the title of Tournament Champions earning, Sven Blaser, Erik Blaser, Kyle Rosendale, and Tad Kasulka the qualification for World Championships the second time this season. Team 99C, and 99B also performed excellent, and placed third at the end of the day after being eliminated in the Semi-Finals. 99C however did not come home empty handed and won the Judges Award. We would also like to congratulate team 951A from Murrieta Mesa High School who received the Excellence award and were amazing opponents throughout the day. We would also like to thank our amazing sponsors once again, for helping fund everything that we do. If you are interested in sponsoring us please leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.


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